Thursday, September 6, 2007

How to step into web service in debug mode from the BizTalk

Recently, I was working with BizTalk solution where send port communicate with web service. So, to successfully complete it, I had to debug web service.Here are two methods how to do it:

Method 1)
My web service project is file system based(not IIS based), so if you start debug session, Visual Studio will engage Cassiny server (ASP.NET development server). However, the deployed web service is hosted in the IIS .
Ones I started the project in the debug mode, I copied the URL from the browser (it was http://localhost:60149/.....). Next step is to change SOAP property of my web port to this URL. Ones orchestration activated, it sends a message to the web port, then to the web service and finally hit the break point. The only disadvantage is that you have to change SOAP property in your port.

Method 2)
Open the web project in Visual Studio.
Attach to the process: w3wp.exe (tip: if you do not see this process listed, you have to lunch the working process by executing the web service in the browser first)
Engage your orchestration
Break point got hit

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